Saturday 24 June 2017

My new updated website is now live

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far! 

I know plenty of people in Ilkley are competing in various events and races over the weekend - so good luck to everyone involved!

I just wanted to let people know that my website and blog will now be moving over to my new updated website, so if you want to follow me further please go to  -

My new website - go and check it out!

Have a sporty weekend!

Wednesday 14 June 2017

Strength & Conditioning sessions @ Heavy Metal gym

I am pleased to announce that from:
Monday 26th June @ 7.30pm 
I will be running Strength and Conditioning sessions @ Heavy Metal Gym in Ilkley
£8 for non members , £7 for Heavy Metal members

This is a sessions for you if you want to: 
Get stronger, improve your mobility, balance, coordination and core strength

Specially designed for:
Any athletes or non-athletes participating in sports requiring key movement skills. 
Great for both injury reduction and rehabilitation

What will it involve:
Combination of mobility, strength, balance, coordination, and core stability training. Mainly low impact, but a combination of high and low intensity – all abilities welcome!

NB: Small class numbers in order to give people constant feedback and ensure good techniques are kept throughout the session. First come first served! Book you place today by either calling 07942461440 or emailing

Heavy Metal is based on Dansk Way in  Ilkley, LS29 8JZ

Spread the word to fellow runners, cyclists or anyone else you think can benefit from this!

Wednesday 7 June 2017

As one door closes another one opens..

Wednesday evening already!

They say time flies when you are having fun! That's certainly the case for me at the moment. I am working on a lot of things I have wanted to do for a long time. This morning I had a great meeting with the director of The Valley Clinic in Ilkley - The Valley Clinic is a multidisciplinary team of fantastic clinicians such as experienced physiotherapists, acupuncture therapists,neurological therapists,podiatrist, hypnotherapist, and sports therapists which is where my role comes in. I am delighted to say I will be offering Sports Massage to anyone wanting to look after their bodies, reduce their chance of any niggling injuries occurring and anyone else who are after a deep tissue massage. 

Come and see me at The Valley Clinic in Ilkley  

Training regularly or just looking for a deep soft tissue massage?
Sports massage and joint mobilisation helps maintain good muscle condition, relieves muscle tension, mobilises muscle fibres and soft tissue, improves flexibility, reduces pain, increases blood flow, increases lymph flow, promote muscle relaxation, promote healing and helps the removal of waste products. This is just some of the great benefits of having regular sports massage to keep on top of any muscular aches you might experiencing.

If you read my previous blog post of what I have done in the past you will see that I have worked with numerous athletes and teams over the last 8 years:

Contact me on or on 07942461440 to book your first appointment. I also offer discounted blocks of sessions. Contact me for more info. 

Tuesday 6 June 2017

New beginnings...Some insight into my last few years

Happy Tuesday everyone,

All of a sudden 5 years have past since I last did a blog post, where did that time go!? I first started my blog after finishing university quite a few years ago now.

Since moving way from Leeds after finishing university in 2010, I have certainly been around the UK. At first I lived in Cardiff for nearly five years, followed by a year in Guildford in Surrey, and now I am back up north living in Ilkley on a more permanent basis. It is crazy to think that I first moved over to the UK ten years ago in September, little did I know then that I would still be here 10 years later..

I am happy to live in a place where we can do the things we like the most, basically being outdoors and do things like cycling and walking.

And in between we also have to do something that isn't so fun, but it will be worth it once it's done! DIY overdose!

Over the last few years I have worked for several different companies and teams and gained valuable experience. I have worked with elite athletes, runners, rugby league players and referees, footballers, pregnant women, and basically any men or women who just wants to get fitter, reduce their chance of getting injured and also people who want to improve their body shape.

Worked with Norway's 24 hour running team on several big competitions 

Alan Shearer is one of the ambassadors for Speedflex that I worked for over the last few years 

One of many athletes from Welsh Athletics I worked with 

Met Mo Farah at one of the many events I worked at for Welsh Athletics

And lets not forget Dwayne Chambers another great name in the Athletics world

I worked with Bristol Rovers Youth Academy Teams for 4 seasons 
I have provided massage for the New Zealand and Australian rugby league teams 
I used to play semi - professional football in Norway and represented Norway on several occasions at U17 and U19
This is just some of the experience I have gained to date, and I have therefore decided to set up my own business again where I will be providing Sports Massage, Personal Training and Strength and Conditioning coaching to teams and individuals in and around Ilkley and Leeds. I am also looking to set up some Strength and Conditioning Classes specific for runners and cyclists so please get in contact if this is something you are interested in. Feel free to spread the word to anyone you think might benefit from my services.

I would like to think that I can help young and older athletes improve their performance, reduce their chances of getting injured and make sure as many people as possible are able to enjoy being active and competing if that's what you aspire to.


Monday 2 January 2012

Accredited UKSCA Strength and Conditioning Coach

I know it has been a while since last blog post, but I have been busy with work and only just got back from my Christmas Holiday in Norway. When I was home in Norway I received a very nice email from the UKSCA (United Kingdom Strength and Conditioning Association) confirming I had passed my Strength and Conditioning Exams which means I am now a fully accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach. A very good Christmas present and start to the new year! 
Although I have always been very interested in training and injuries it was in my last year of University whilst studying for my  Sports and Exercise Therapy degree I got involved with a good S&C coach (Brendan Chaplin) and  actually started getting an insight into what a Strength and Conditioning Coach’s job involves. I have always like coaching and helping others so S&C coaching was something I started enjoying more and more, which is why I decided to start working towards getting a recognised title so I could start combining my skills as a Sports and Exercise Therapist with being a Strength and Conditioning Coach. 
I am currently working as an S&C coach for Bristol Rovers Youth Academy which I really enjoy. I am also currently working for UWIC Athletics Club on an ad hoc basis. 

I wish all my readers a very Happy New Year! Lets make it a good one! 

Monday 7 November 2011

4 Nations Rugby League at Wembley Stadium

Lat week I got asked if I would like to attend the 4 Nations Tournament at Wembley Stadium to massage the match officials (referees) before and after the games. I used to work with with the Rugby League Referees in Leeds so it is always nice to meet all the people and referees on a weekend like this.

I have to admit that I was dreading having to find my way around the crazy underground and the streets of London on my own, but luckily I managed to get there without too much hassle and arrived safely at the hotel where we were staying. We got taken to the hotel on the Saturday morning and arrived in plenty of time so we got to have a look at the pitch and the stadium. I have never been to Wembley before so I thought it was great being able to see the stadium "live" for the first time.

Me and my colleague Ian 
Checking out the pitch on arrival..

The first game was New Zealand v Wales which I didn't get to take any pictures of as we were working, but I managed to get some pictures off the second game which was England v Australia. It was a great day with over 40 000 spectators!

The Australian team 
The English Team 
Although we were working before and after the matches, we still managed to have a look at the matches in between. Rugby amazes me the more I watch it, the speed and agility some of the players have got is incredible!

It has been a busy, but very good weekend. Great experience on a really nice venue.

Monday 24 October 2011

Power Balance Wristbands - Improved Balance, Greater Flexibility and Increased Core Strength???

You must have heard about the new "amazing" wrist bands that claims to improve your balance, improve your flexibility and increase your core strength?? I have heard several people talking about these bands wherever I go, but as I had never physically seen one before today I would never have thought about pursuing one. Today I got to try one on whilst my colleague performed a few simple balance and strength tests with and without the band. The results were as you expected! There was a difference between the tests with and without the band, but I am sure this will not make a difference in your actual training! These were two of the tests I performed:
The balance test I did

One of the strength tests I did
I am convinced that loads of other people must be sceptical to this as well, but I decided to buy one, NOT because I think it will make me stronger, more flexible or get better balance, but the pink colour convinced me.. Oh God I never learn!
My new wrist band! Medium is a bit too big for me so I could have done with a Small one
Not in a million years will you be able to get stronger, faster, better balance or you name it without hard work and effort over time! Consistency, hard work and effort is the key to great result!

Please let me know about your experiences with the Power Balanceband! I need a lot of convincing, and I mean a lot!

Wednesday 19 October 2011

Bulgarian Squat/ Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat - VIDEO

Do you like the burning sensation in your legs and gluteus the day after a tough leg session?

Do you like to struggle to get out of bed in the morning cause your legs ache like mad?

Well if you do, then you should definitely give the Bulgarian Squats a go!

I have added two separate videos showing the exercise underneath, one on each leg. I am using a z-bar with some light weights here, but you can also grab a dumbbell in each hand as well. Having a bar on your back might cue you to keep your chest up thought, which is always a bonus.

This exercise will challenge your balance and you will feel a good stretch in your hipflexors. If you have tight hip flexors, then your range of movement might be restricted, but as you get better at it you will be able to lower yourself down further (Mine is far from perfect, but I am working on it). Make sure your knees face forward throughout the movement.

Excuse me for the facial expressions, but this is my third set so my legs were starting to feel it:)

I always find it harder on one leg, so my left leg is definetely struggling!

Get ready for sore gluteus the following day, good luckJ

Sunday 16 October 2011

Strength training, running, or both???

How often do you see women pounding miles and miles on the treadmill ?? Beginners as well as experienced gym users will in about 80% of the time attack the treadmill in gyms and fitness clubs. As I have experienced  the effects running and interval training can have on your knees, I can talk about this subject with a great deal of experience.

Why is it that so many people (and women in particular) think it is okay to start running without doing any form for strength training prior or alongside the running??
How long do you think your joints will be able to cope without giving you any pain or discomfort?
If you are lucky and have a good running style, appropriate footwear, perform a good warm up etc. you might be one of the lucky ones and be able to keep running for years without suffering any pain or problems, but in more cases than not this is just a wish….

Have a think about this:
When you are running you put your joints through approximately 8 times more force than when you are walking!! 8 times!!

This is certainly something to think about! I know what I am going to say now will make me sound like I am a 60 year old woman and look back at the “good old days”, but if I knew half of the stuff I know today about training, recovery strategies, progressive overload and strength training I would without a doubt added so much more strength training into my routines alongside all the running I did. This would without a doubt improved all the hours of pain and frustration I have been through as a result of this!

So just a simple advice to all women (and men) out there on this wonderful Sunday:

Strength training is great! Don’t overlook the importance of building up a solid foundation for your body if you enjoy running..... or if you don't like running as well :)
Very concentrated!
I know I have talked about the importance of strength training before and I try to convince women everyday how important strength training is, but if you are not already convinced the popular phrase might convince you :



Do you agree or disagree?

Friday 7 October 2011

Guest blogger - Mari

Hello everyone!

I am Monica’s Norwegian friend Mari.I have always sworn to myself that I would never in my life post something in a blog or blog about whatever. But, when I got the chance to write about training on Monica’s blog, I changed my mind as Monica has helped me a lot with my training and I wanted to share this with people. Personally I love sports and exercising; football, running, swimming, hiking,……you name it=) For the past year I have studied for my masters degree at the University of Leeds, and since it was only one year, there was a lot to do, and the days were quite busy. In the beginning, I was able to go to the gym for some classes and went running in Hyde Park. However, after Christmas it was crazy, and for over 2 months I could not find time to do any exercising at all. My back was hurting, I started getting cramps in my legs and my ass felt FLAT, and at night I had to sleep on my tummy to stop it from hurting!!!

Anyway, I got to know Monica when I moved to Leeds and realised she had a lot of experience in writing and planning training exercise programs, so I asked her for help and advice. I did not really know how much knowledge she had. She surprised me and gave me 3 perfect workout programs for my needs. I told Monica about my situation; that I needed to be able to work out, but not be dependent to go to any sports centers (to save time!). I told her the equipments I had at home, and she came up with three workouts not lasting for more than 1.5 in total, with strength and conditioning for the whole body. After a few weeks, I had less back pain, better sleep, (still a hurting ass, but it did not feel flat anymore=)). Below are some videos and pictures of some of the workouts.

PS: I am aware that my choice of footwear is not ideal on these first photos:)
My curl and press exercise

Halfway on my curl and press exercise

Front plank

And of course the lovely press ups!
I am now back in Norway, and have just started my new job. As my fitness level has now increased, I have decided that my next goal is to participate in Norway’s toughest marathon on the 2nd June 2012.

Monica has offered to help me make me get the most out of the preparation for the marathon and we have decided to share my journey here on the blog. Watch out for videos of exercises and pictures along the way.

See you later,

Mari =)