Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Bulgarian Squat/ Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat - VIDEO

Do you like the burning sensation in your legs and gluteus the day after a tough leg session?

Do you like to struggle to get out of bed in the morning cause your legs ache like mad?

Well if you do, then you should definitely give the Bulgarian Squats a go!

I have added two separate videos showing the exercise underneath, one on each leg. I am using a z-bar with some light weights here, but you can also grab a dumbbell in each hand as well. Having a bar on your back might cue you to keep your chest up thought, which is always a bonus.

This exercise will challenge your balance and you will feel a good stretch in your hipflexors. If you have tight hip flexors, then your range of movement might be restricted, but as you get better at it you will be able to lower yourself down further (Mine is far from perfect, but I am working on it). Make sure your knees face forward throughout the movement.

Excuse me for the facial expressions, but this is my third set so my legs were starting to feel it:)

I always find it harder on one leg, so my left leg is definetely struggling!

Get ready for sore gluteus the following day, good luckJ

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Strength training, running, or both???

How often do you see women pounding miles and miles on the treadmill ?? Beginners as well as experienced gym users will in about 80% of the time attack the treadmill in gyms and fitness clubs. As I have experienced  the effects running and interval training can have on your knees, I can talk about this subject with a great deal of experience.

Why is it that so many people (and women in particular) think it is okay to start running without doing any form for strength training prior or alongside the running??
How long do you think your joints will be able to cope without giving you any pain or discomfort?
If you are lucky and have a good running style, appropriate footwear, perform a good warm up etc. you might be one of the lucky ones and be able to keep running for years without suffering any pain or problems, but in more cases than not this is just a wish….

Have a think about this:
When you are running you put your joints through approximately 8 times more force than when you are walking!! 8 times!!

This is certainly something to think about! I know what I am going to say now will make me sound like I am a 60 year old woman and look back at the “good old days”, but if I knew half of the stuff I know today about training, recovery strategies, progressive overload and strength training I would without a doubt added so much more strength training into my routines alongside all the running I did. This would without a doubt improved all the hours of pain and frustration I have been through as a result of this!

So just a simple advice to all women (and men) out there on this wonderful Sunday:

Strength training is great! Don’t overlook the importance of building up a solid foundation for your body if you enjoy running..... or if you don't like running as well :)
Very concentrated!
I know I have talked about the importance of strength training before and I try to convince women everyday how important strength training is, but if you are not already convinced the popular phrase might convince you :



Do you agree or disagree?