Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Update from Cardiff

Just a little update on what I have been involved in over the last week:


Last Saturday I was invited to come along to the UWIC Indoor Athletic Centre in Cardiff to perform pre and post event massage for the competing athletes. I got to meet eight second year students and two third year students from UWIC University doing Sports Conditioning, Rehabilitation and Massage who were also there to perform massage. It was quiet when we first started as most of the athletes wanted post massage rather than pre massage. After a couple of hours it started getting busier and all of the massage tables were used. I came across a variety of athletes and met a lot of nice people. It was a great day which I really enjoyed. Hopefully I will be able to get more involved with the athletic team and join some more of their events and competitions.


On Monday this week I got in my car to head off to the first meeting at Bristol Rovers. As I have never driven there on my own before I wasn’t too sure of how long it would take me, and since I never like to be late I was in the car park at Bristol an hour before the meeting started, but at least I got there! I met Lee Southernwood (1st team’s S&C coach), Ken Oram (from Centre of Excellence) and Ollie which is the other intern I will work alongside. Lee and Ken introduced what we will be responsible for and how we are going to work as a team to achieve this. We also planned how we are going to perform the physical testing with the players when we start back after Christmas.

We then got to meet some of the other coaches and staff and got a tour around the facilities we will be using. We also had a look at the training session where the kids were training hard. I am looking forward to get started after Christmas, it should be good.

So I am starting to get to get involved with some sport in Cardiff. On Friday I will be heading home to Norway to see my family and friends, I am looking forward to it. I will come back with more updates after Christmas.

In people have any question regarding Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation or Strength and Conditioning in general feel free to get in touch. Here is my email address:
Merry Christmas Everyone! Enjoy, but remember to get some training in as well!:) 
Have a good xmas!