Sunday, 1 August 2010

Great conditioning session for the MMA fighters

Yesterday was a great conditioning session for the MMA fighters I work alongside together with Brendan Chaplin. They started off with a good warm up consisting of some light stretching before doing some mobility exercises. They then moved on to do a plyometric/power session which I think most of them found tough judging on their facial expressions. This consisted of clap push ups, box jumps, 150 m row, rope climbing and sprints with Brendan pulling them in his “nice” rope.

After the first part was done we went straight to the gym to do some heavy strength work. This consisted of heavy clean pulls, dumbbell presses, squat, curl and press, reverse lunges, chin ups and heavy dead lifts (with Brendan’s new trap bar). The trap bar was new to me, but I like it as it adds variation to the training. The starting position with the trap bar is higher than a normal dead lift from the floor which means it is easier. That didn’t mean it was any easier than usual, because of course they had to add on more weights than they were used to.
Last but not least the conditioning session was completed with a 3 X 5 minutes intense tyreflips, sledgehammering, “tyreslams” and a great 100 metre sprint in combination with some specific 1:1 MMA work. It may look like they are hugging each other on some of the pictures, but I can guarantee you that is far from the truth! A brilliant session with loads of hard work, well done guys! I really enjoy working with such a passionate coach and athletes!

Here are some pictures from the session