Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Adam Bitchell to the U-23 European Championship

Hi everyone

Today I just wanted to post a little post about Adam Bitchell, a 5km runner I have been treating since I moved to Cardiff in November. Adam is a UWIC athlete and is currently coached by the legendary Welsh runner James Thie! I soon realised that Adam was a very dedicated athlete who works hard to achieve his goals. Adam trains hard and also understands the importance of good recovery in order to keep fit and injury free, a great role model for other athletes! Adam competed in the 5km Europeans Trials in Bedford at the weekend, and after coming 4th (3rd British athlete) and having made the qualifying time already it was great news that Adam received the call yesterday that he had been selected to represent Great Britain at the European U- 23 Championship in Ostrava (Czech Republic) from the 14th – 17th of July.
I wish Adam the very best of luck and hope he is able to give a good performance once again!

Monday, 27 June 2011

A little update from Cardiff

The last few weeks have been quite busy, but I was lucky to be able to go home to Norway for a little 6 day break as one of my friends from home was getting married. It was a great wedding, nice to see all my friends and family and have a little break from the daily routines. I came back to the UK late Tuesday night where my friend Oda came to meet me at the airport and drove back to Cardiff with me, very nice with some company in the car! Oda stayed to Saturday morning, but as I was working every night Oda had to come with me to work every night, what a nice friend!! (Don't worry, she knew I was working so she had the option:)
On the Wednesday night I went to Swansea to work for the Welsh team. The event was between Wales U23 vs Welsh Schools vs SW England U23 vs Harvard & Yale. Definetely the first time I have met anyone from the famous Universities Harvard and Yale, it was a good event on a nice stadium. Oda did a good job being the photographer and she loved the americans!:)
Someone seems to enjoy the event:)

On Thursday and Friday night I was working in the gym, and since Oda had to come with me I thought it was just fair to give her a tough gym session to show her how I do it here in Cardiff! Oda worked hard, but as Oda like to talk more than the average person I found it amusing and funny every time she said: “You are a tough coach Monica with a serious grin on her face” :)Well done Oda, you did a great job!
You seem to be enjoying the side plank?:)

I take it you are closing your eyes cause you are concentrating hard on the split lunge:)

 Even though I spent a lot of the time working, we managed to squeeze in a bit of sightseeing, shopping and a walking trip to show Oda some of the nice views of Cardiff.

First a drink in town
Then a stop outside the castle
On Saturday and Sunday I have been working at the U20/U23 European Trials in Bedford. We had a few very good results which is great! Well done guys and good luck in the Europeans!