Tuesday, 21 December 2010

THE CHRISTMAS snow was falling in the UK....

Today I just need to get a little bit of frustration out of my system. As most people have probably seen and heard on the news, the weather here in the UK has been pretty crazy since Friday which means that thousands of people have been and are still stuck in various airports across the country.

As I said in previous blog I was supposed to fly back to Norway (via Amsterdam) on Friday, but that never happened as both of the flights were cancelled, lucky enough I realised this before I went to the airport. I was “lucky” to get another flight for Sunday morning, but again this flight was cancelled due to the weather. Since I have tried to contact KLM probably about 50-60 times over the weekend I decided to turn up at the airport (in Cardiff) to see if someone could actually help me there, but the message everyone got there was:  Contact the airline to get a new flight!! I couldn’t believe it! Well never mind, I realised that there was not much for me to do at the airport so along with several other passengers we got the bus down to the train station to head back home. We soon realised that wasn’t a smart move as the message we got when we got down to the train station was: All busses and trains to Cardiff are not running! What??? This meant that we were all stuck at the train station for 1 hour and 30 minutes in the freezing cold weather. Eventually we managed to get the shuttle bus back to the airport; at least it was warm in there. After this I had to stay in the airport for another 2-3 hours before we finally managed to get hold of a taxi to take a few of us home.

When I finally arrived back home I decided to give up on being able to get on another flight before Christmas, it just isn't going to happend. Since I don’t get to see my family and friends at home very often I decided to book another flight from Gatwick Airport in London for Sunday night (Boxing Day), so if the weather calms down over the next few days and the roads aren’t too bad I will be driving to Gatwick on Sunday and get a direct flight to Stavanger which means I can at least spend a week with my family. I will keep my fingers, toes and everything else crossed!!!

I also wanted to mention that I contated by my local newspaper in Norway. They had heard I was "stuck" in the UK and wanted to hear my story. So since my norwegian readers will be able to read this in the paper tomorrow (Wednesday) or online. I thought I would share it with my UK readers as well. Norwegian readers can check out the article here: I was asked to take a photo of myself so people could see the snow, but that is not easy when you are on your own. Didn't fancy knocking on the neighbour's door to ask if they could do it for me, so this was all I managed to do! The funny thing is that there isn't acutally that much snow:)

Looking at the whole situation from a positive point of view I will be spending my first Christmas in the UK, and I am sure the English turkey will taste just as nice as the Norwegian one :)

I hope all of you get to spend Christmas with your loved ones. Merry Christmas everyone:)