Thursday, 8 July 2010

Sports and Exercise Therapist

The day is finally here! 3 years of hard work and effort is over and I can finally call myself an undergraduate sports and exercise therapist. I am at the moment working with the rugby league referees to provide sports massage together with Ian Mitchell when they need me. I also work alongside Brendan Chaplin (strength and conditioning coach at Leeds Metropolitan University) where I have have started my case study for my UKSCA (United Kingdom Strength and Conditioning Association) accreditation on a very talented badminton player. She had a knee surgery about a month ago and was back lifting heavy weight the second week after surgery. I am convinced that the reason she was able to progress and recover so quickly is because she was very strong prior to her surgery and therefore didn't suffer any athrophy! Having said that the surgery was just a "small" clean out with no major damage. I will get some photos taken from the gym to show you some of the exercises she work on in the nearest future.

If anyone is interested in getting a sports massage or need help with injury management/rehabilitation you can contact me to arrange an appointment on 07942461440 or email me on

Tonight is the last fitness session for the 13 year olds tennis players before the summer so I will make sure they finish with a nice and tough session:)


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