Monday, 24 October 2011

Power Balance Wristbands - Improved Balance, Greater Flexibility and Increased Core Strength???

You must have heard about the new "amazing" wrist bands that claims to improve your balance, improve your flexibility and increase your core strength?? I have heard several people talking about these bands wherever I go, but as I had never physically seen one before today I would never have thought about pursuing one. Today I got to try one on whilst my colleague performed a few simple balance and strength tests with and without the band. The results were as you expected! There was a difference between the tests with and without the band, but I am sure this will not make a difference in your actual training! These were two of the tests I performed:
The balance test I did

One of the strength tests I did
I am convinced that loads of other people must be sceptical to this as well, but I decided to buy one, NOT because I think it will make me stronger, more flexible or get better balance, but the pink colour convinced me.. Oh God I never learn!
My new wrist band! Medium is a bit too big for me so I could have done with a Small one
Not in a million years will you be able to get stronger, faster, better balance or you name it without hard work and effort over time! Consistency, hard work and effort is the key to great result!

Please let me know about your experiences with the Power Balanceband! I need a lot of convincing, and I mean a lot!


kristinøstevik said...

I've seen the band in the stores..guess I'd buy one if it wasn't as expensive! (although I don't believe it'll do me any good though..)

Monica Torland said...

Kristin, let me give you a good tips: Don't buy them unless you think they are beautiful! It is all bull.... and they make "fake" band all over now. Whether they are fake or not, there is NO evidence to support the band. Save you money and spend them on something that will support your training instead:)

Tyvek Wristbands said...

There is little evidence to suggest that these bands improve your balance and any improvement in balance is likely to be similar to a placebo effect. I would have to agree with Monica that you should use the money on something else that would support your training and I agree with you that hard work and effort over time are your best bet for improving performance.