Monday, 6 September 2010

New gym induction video on it's way

For the last year I have been working part time as a gym instructor at Leeds Metropolitan University (Civic Quarter). My main responsibilities are to induct new members of the gym on all the equipment, write individualised programmes for patrons, and help and instruct members of the gym. Over the summer the gym is normally pretty quiet due to all the students going home so I was asked to be in charge of producing a new gym induction film over all the equipment we have in the gym. I thought it would be a good challenge, so I was responsible of contacting the film staff at the University and also get hold of someone who could be my “model”. One of my colleagues stepped up to the mark and offered to help me in my little project, thanks for that Johnny!

After a few meetings with the film crew to discuss how to best organise and film the video, I sat down and wrote down a script over all the 26 pieces of equipment we have in the gym. Having not really done any type of filming like this before, I decided to prepare myself by filming myself while speaking to my laptop, good job no one could hear me when I did that!! We did a test shot of me induction Johnny on the treadmill which you can laugh at underneath:

As English is not my first language a few error were made here and there like hand railings, instead of hands rails. The thing is that when you have to look straight into a film camera and think about the next sentence you have to say, things like that happens. Don’t worry the final film will hopefully be in a language you can all understand.

After getting some constructive feedback on our first attempt, we all got together to start the “real” film. The filming took just over 5 days to complete and believe it or not I think I got used to staring into a camera after a couple of days. Not too sure that weather presenter would be anything for me though.......

Anyway I will be getting the DVD back this week to see if any changes needs to be made, so the film will be ready for all the students to enjoy from the 20th of September. Bet they can’t wait...:)
Follow the link to see the video!

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