Sunday, 18 September 2011


Today I wanted to praise one of my clients for completing two Ironman competitions in less than two months! For those of you who don’t know what the Ironman is, it is a competition for hardcore people where the following distances needs to be completed:  3.6 km swimming. 180km cycling and 42,1 kilometres of running! For most people this seems pretty insane as it requires a tremendous amount of endurance to even be able to think about giving this a go. I have treated Tim since February and I soon realised that he trains a lot more than the average person, he actually trains a lot more than most of the athletes I treat at the moment.
The first competition Tim entered was in Zurich, Switzerland in July. Tim completed the event in 12 hours 6 minutes and 57 seconds. This was Tim's first Iron Man competition and although he was pleased with the result (which he should be!) he got to experience firsthand the importance of good fluid replenishment... Without giving too much away I don't think flat coke is for you Tim?:) Unless you have done an event like this before it will always be difficult to know how your body react during the course of the day, which is why you sometimes have to get things wrong in order to get them right the next time. After all a very good performance and a great result!

People getting ready to jump into the water
Look a bit suspicious?:)

Well done!
Less than two months after the first event Tim was ready to attend a new Ironman event in Tenby (South WestWales). The course was slightly different, but the distances were pretty much the same 3.8km swim, 180km bike and 42.1 km run. This time Tim finished in 12 hours 50 minutes and 53 seconds and he managed to complete the run in just over 4 hours, great effort! You can check out all the results and read about the event here:
Still in good spirits:)
Sprint finish

Well deserved!!
 I think Tim has done really well and as far as I know this has not put him off attening similar events in the future! Well done Tim:)

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